Play Classic Pokies Online in Australia

3 reels and 1 payline represent the well-recognized set up of the classic game. While there is no need to learn the complicated rules and consider multiple crossing lines, many beginners along with the experienced gamblers prefer the traditional format.

Till now it is introduced by different leading developers where colorful themes and great bonuses maintain the popularity of the old-fashioned style. Australians can benefit from great options available on the market as we undercover the current trends.

How to Find Top Pokies to Play for Real Money?

Despite of only few lines offered in the classic slots, the winning amount can turn huge. It depends on the RTP, bonuses, “wild” symbols, availability of the progressive jackpot opportunity etc.

Vast majority of the online providers will have in their arsenal several choices of this game. The best way to select the one when betting your money is to check the provider’s legal status and afterwards consider all the earning features that will facilitate the payouts.

Free No Download Classic Slots – Game Rules

The classic pokie is simple and easy and when playing it through the browser directly, it becomes even more accessible. The instant experience requires only the registration and then your PC, tablet or a mobile become the interchangeable tools of the massive payouts. In order to secure those, make sure to learn and understand the game rules.

  1. Prior to making a wager, ensure to choose the desirable number of paylines, the coin denomination and the sum for betting.
  2. The combinations of three identical symbols usually bring big rewards, yet the exact amount depends on the pay-table.
  3. Learn the payout schema with the other winning combinations (for ex., ones with similar fruits/numbers, ones with the “wild” symbol etc.)
  4. When you are ready, spin the wheel and see the result on the balance.

3 Reel Slot Providers

Progressive and inventive software suppliers constantly release new innovated masterpieces, yet they do not forget about the fans of the old style. Microgaming, for instance, started in 1994 with Fruit Fiesta and Cash Splash.

Microgaming classic pokies

Both are available and demanded till nowadays regardless of only 1 payline. They are also connected to the network progressive jackpot. Retro pokies are also offered by other popular companies.

For example, Rags to Riches by Cryptologic also allows to win the progressive top prize; Tomb of the Pharaoh by Playtech features authentic machine sounds, the ones you may here in the real establishments. Among hundreds of “old school” products, you will definitely hunt down the one that will match the expectations.

From Classic to Modern Formats

The format of the traditional game has innovated drastically since its foundation in 1891. After it appeared online, the developers continued to change and improve its audio, visual and earning features. The technology increased the reels from 3 to 5 and the paylines from one to a few hundreds.

Modern gamers can enjoy video or 3D formats with new bonus schemes supported by the captivating stories. Indeed, today the limit of the slot machine is set only by the imagination of the designers. Hence, there are more discovered to come to the virtual gambling world.


The PC experience is an advantage for those who appreciate the big screen, good resolution, sufficient audio. One can easily initiate both instant and downloadable pokies, as computer version remains the basic one and it goes well with different operational systems. The only drawback of this device is the limited accessibility with regards to the space.


More than 60% of the gamblers prefer to use their mobiles when it comes to the gambling. As the smartphone market is highly competitive, the latest innovations allow better graphics, sound systems and software flexibility. It becomes ideal tool for “spinning the wheel” in any place and at any time.

distinctiveness pokies provider


The Google Play store collects and introduces the classic and the newest slots for all Android devices. This operational system brings together phones, tablets of different brands and therefore it becomes a universal spot for the millions.

The last software updates make these gadgets even more appealing. While only in 2014 Android gained 80% of the tablet and smartphone market share, the online casino designers provide an array of choices for this platform.


Apple products have always been singled out for their quality. Although the number of gadget types is limited and they do not support Flash version, there are hundreds of great games designed specifically for iOS. The best way to get them is to select the right format on the webpage directly. There are also special sites that introduce the options for the Apple holders only.


If you use other operational systems, definitely there are opportunities to enjoy the real money entertainment. However, it might require more careful browsing and compatibility check. Always consult the customer service of the website if in a doubt.

AUD Classic Pokies RTP

The regular RTP of the traditional game is not different from the other types. It depends on the provider and typically it is displayed straightforward on the screen. With several variations, we do not recommend agreeing for less than 96%. According to statistics, the average comes close to 97% of Return to Player amount.

Pokies Betting Tips

With the numerous strategies and promises of the easy win, do not believe that any of them will guarantee the payout. There is always a percentage of the simple luck, however some tips can be useful to maximize your odds.

First, set your limits in advance. Second, select the slots with more paylines and bonuses as they give additional chances. Third, go for maximum bets when hunting for a progressive jackpot.